Cocktails in the Cottage at Valentia Island Lighthouse

We filmed this series of Cocktails in the Cottage at Valentia Island Lighthouse! Valentia Island Lighthouse is the most Westerly inhabited place in Europe and it also holds a special place in our heart’s as it’s where we got married in 2018 surrounded by friends and family, the epic scenery, the wind and salt and the sheer beauty of the place.

The Valentia Island Lighthouse Museum gives visitors a peek into what life was like for lighthouse keepers and their families on Valentia Island keeping watch over the North Atlantic. 

Located in one of the most scenic areas on the edge of Europe, facing into the prevailing weather, Valentia Island Lighthouse is home to the most westerly harbour light on the island of Ireland, guiding vessels through the northern entrance to Valentia Harbour

Photographer Joleen Cronin, Orla Snook O’Carroll, Alyssa Trinidad and Anna Snook O’Carroll at the Standing Stone, at Valentia Island Lighthouse, where Anna and Orla tied the knot in 2018.

Lucien, Anne and the team at Valentia Island Lighthouse were so accommodating to let us shoot in their beautiful Museum. These videos shot for social media featured the Lighthouse, the Standing Stone, the Lighthouse Museum, the breakfast room and of course, seven Valentia Island Vermouth based cocktails.

Behind the scenes MacBees designer clothes laid out in the Valentia Island Lighthouse Museum. Photo Joleen Cronin

For this series of Cocktails in the Cottage in the Lighthouse we teamed up with the beautiful clothing store, MacBees in Killarney, Co.Kerry. Macbees was established by Mary McBride in 1984 as one of Ireland’s first multi-brand luxury boutiques for Women’s Dresses and outfits. This legacy continues as Mary’s daughter Aoife has partnered with Doranne Hickey to build on the brand’s heritage, always seeking out new talent to add to their edit of more than 60 established international, Irish and emerging fashion brands. 

Anna and Orla Snook O’Carroll of Valentia Island Vermouth, at Valentia Island Lighthouse. Photo Joleen Cronin

Cocktails in the Cottage at the Lighthouse is the third in the series of cocktail videos that we have shot with the amazing photographer Joleen Cronin for Valentia Island Vermouth Instagram and social media pages.