Ireland’s first Vermouth born on Valentia Island
Ireland’s first Vermouth born on Valentia Island
Made using local plants from the Island, Wine from the mountains near Madrid and blended with caramel to make this sweet artisan Vermouth.
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On this beautiful, verdant island, on the most westerly point of Europe, two mermaids came ashore. With them came art and music, magic and craic. The lighthouse on Valentia Island was to become the back drop to their island wedding. Surrounded by sea and salt, of wild abundance and gentle flowers against fierce winds,Valentia Island was to become their home.

An ode to the island, to love and nature, this bittersweet magic is captured in Ireland’s first Vermouth.

About Us
Valentia Island Vermouth
Our Vermouth

The Process

This award winning, handcrafted vermouth uses twenty botanicals including gorse from the island, a deep dark caramel and a Verdejo grape from the Rueda Valley near Madrid.

Our Vermouth


A type of Negroni with Bourbon replacing the Gin.

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Really easy too make and too easy it drink!

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